The Sierra Leone Web



Sierra Leone Media


Independent, owned and edited by Kelvin Lewis. Awoko was previously online from 2003 to 2004. The current website has been online since January 2007.

Awareness Times

Independent. Owned and published by Sylvia Blyden, Special Executive Assistant to the President. Online since July 2005.


Independent newspaper.

Radio Democracy 98.1

Radio station in Freetown.

Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation

National radio and television.

The New Citizen

Owned by I.B. Kargbo, Senior Advisor to the President

NewsWatch Sierra Leone

Independent newspaper.

Standard Times

Independent, edited by Philip Neville. Online since May 2006.

The Spectator

Owned by Dr. Julius Spencer.

Africa Young Voices

Independent newspaper in Freetown.

Sierra Express Media

The website is based in the United States, but also has a street edition in Freetown. Online since November 2007.

Global Times Online

Independent newspaper in Freetown.

The Owl Press Online

Newspaper in Freetown.

Culture Radio FM 104.5

Independent radio station in Freetown.

Cotton Tree News

Independent. Located on Mount Aureol, provides programming to broadcast media around the country. Funded by DfID, the EU, Irish Aid and Hirondelle. The website is currently not being updated.

The Torchlight

Owned by Sheka Tarawalie, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs

Sierra Leone Electronic Media


Online newspaper owned and operated by Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu, and published from Somerset, New Jersey, U.S.A. Online since August 2002.

The Patriotic Vanguard

Website based in Canada. Published by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma. Online since July 2005.

Salone Post

Operated by Sahid Khan. Online since March 2012.

Based in the United States. Publishes versions of articles from Freetown's Concord Times and more.

Other African News

BBC African News

Publishes African news from various sources, and provides links to popular audio programmes, such as Focus on Africa.

Voice of America African News

News articles rewritten from Voice of America broadcasts.

Google Search of Sierra Leone News

News from various sources online, by keywords "Sierra Leone".

United Nations News Centre

News from the United Nations News Centre, with occasional articles on Sierra Leone.