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As of April and May 2018, the Sierra Leone Web has a massive amount of new content, and a new design to make the content easier to access. The Legal section was the beneficiary in April, and in May I am adding documents and books going back to the 18th century. Many of these are books scanned by Google, and they are so marked with links back to their original page. I hope these will help Sierra Leoneans to take control of the narrative of Sierra Leone's history. In any event, they are interesting if not always completely accurate.

I am also adding more photos. The photo at left is a mural based on the historic Bai Bureh photo taken in 1898. It was completed in May 2018 by Sierra Leonean artist Alusine Bangura. The original can be viewed on the outside wall of the Sierra Leone Museum, facing Siaka Stevens Street. It will be covered with glass and lit at night.

Did you know that the Sierra Leone Web was the first "niche" news site on the internet, or that it was the first website to archive news reports?

The email directory for Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone is now all on two pages instead of being divided into six separate files for easier download when the internet was slower. (A single file proved to heavy and froze the program while editing.) Sadly, I have discontinued the biographical directory. Fewer and fewer of those listed updated their entries. The directory was no doubt a victim of of social media. The email directory is linked from the menu above. Don't forget to add your name, your email address, your town/city in Sierra Leone and your current residence by writing to me. You can include your school(s), your personal website and your personal social media page(s) as well.

Legal practitioners will welcome the addition of the colonial-era ordinances and the Special Court for Sierra Leone filings, along with current legislation. A government section has been added to organize content in one place. One new addition, just in time for Independence Day, is the musical score for the National Anthem with piano accompaniment. The score was previously unavailable on the internet, and hard to find in Sierra Leone.

I have added quick links under Government, Legal and Culture and I have put separate links for books, documents, documents relating to the war (for scholars and researchers) and a menu link for historic images under the Culture tab.

The Sierra Leone Web is the biggest publisher of poetry by Sierra Leoneans. More is being added periodically. Add your own by sending them to me at the email address below.

I am still making changes and adding content. As always, for any questions or comments contact me at

Peter Andersen