A - I

abit - habit

abכbכ - beans cooked with onion, pepper, etc. (binch)

abכ - harbour

abop (pan) - to rely on, to depend upon

abule - round barrie, with thatched roof (bafa)

ach - to hatch an egg (Eng. hatch)

ad - to add; a. pan - to add to

admit - to admit (gri); to admit to hospital

adכp - hard up, broke (Eng. hard up)

adrehs - address; to address

adu (-o or -ya) hello (Fr. adieu); tεl adu - to greet

advaiz - to advise, to warn (Eng. advise)

advantej - advantage; siz a. pan - to take advantage of

af - half, part of, fraction (Eng. half). -bak - sandal; a-gawn - a short gown; -we - half way; a. bai a. - a little at a time

afta - after; luk a. - to look after

aftanun - afternoon; (-o or -ya) good afternoon

aftaכs - afterwards

agbada - a type of gown (gawn)

agbakכ - wooden rice spoon

agbכlכ - frog (frכg); skate (kind of fish)

agεns - against; i wan go a. mi - He wants to annoy me

agrikכchכ - agriculture; agriculture office or ministry

ai - high (Eng. high)

aid - to hide (Eng. hide). h. pan - to hide from

aidul - idle; -a - idler; -nεs - idleness

aiεn - iron (metal); to iron clothes

aiodin - iodine

airish pεtεtε - (Irish) potato

ais - ice; popsickle. a. blכk - ice cube; a. krim - ice cream

aivri - ivory

ajo - to celebrate (mek a.); (old slang) to play, to tease

ajכs - to adjust; a. yusεf - adapt yourself (to circumstances)

ajoin (see ajכn) - to adjourn

akara - cake made from rice flower and banana

aks - axe; to ask. a. fכ - to inquire about (a.p.)

akshual - actual (rial); -i - actually (rili)

aksul - axle

akt - to act

aktכ - actor

akyuz - to accuse

ala - to shourt, to scream, to screech (Eng. holler). a.-a. - argument, shouting

alafia - (old slang) free time, time off

alagba - (old slang) important man (big man)

alaki - to come to grief

alaw - to allow

albatais - to advertise

ali - early

aligeta - crocodile; foot stocks. a. pεpε - a type of chili pepper

am - him, her, it

ama - hammer (Eng. hammer)

amama - (old slang) money


ambכg - to bother, to annoy; (machinery, etc.) to break down, to have something go wrong with

ambכgin - troublesome

Amεrika - America, U.S.A.

ami - army; -man - soldier (soja, sojaman)

amina - (Muslim prayers) amen

amכk - hammock (Eng. hammock)

an - hand, arm; (Eng. hand). joεn a. - to work together, to cooperate; tek wit tu a. - to take seriously; gεt na a. - tight-fisted (krabit); na in a. - in his possession; pul na in a. - to take away from (a.p.); put a. pan (insai) - to involve oneself in; pul a. pan (insai) - to leave alone; -glכv - glove; -shek - handshake; -raitin - handwriting; -klin - handkerchief (pכkitan); ol na a. - to hold or to carry (in the hands)

anamכre - (old slang) hard up, broke (adכp)

anawns - to announce

anch - ant; a. hil, a. os - ant hill, termite mound; a. lain - a procession of ants

angri - hunger, hungry (Eng. hungry)

anima - (domestic) animal

ankכ - (old slang) to repeat (Fr. Oncore) (ripit)

ansa - answer; to answer; (engine) to start

ansכp - to order a person to put his hands up, (gun) to stick up

anti - aunt

apat frכm - apart from, other than (bisai)

apin - to happen (bi) (Eng. happen).

aplai - to apply (for a job, etc.)

aprεntis - apprentice (lanin-boi, moto-boi)

arami - (old slang) bribe; it a. - to take a bribe

arata - rat

arawn - around; a de a. - I'll be around

arehs - to arrest, to detain (ol)

arju - to argue

as - as

ashεbi - clothing, where a group of persons wear clothes made from the same cloth

asid - acid (a. wata)

asidεnt - accident

asret - to accelerate a vehicle; -כ - accelerator.

astafulai - May God forbid! (Arabic)

at - (1) heart; (Eng: heart). kol a. - passive, not easily angered; a. kol - calm; (anger) to cool off; a. trangga - undeterrable; trכng a. - courageous; kכt a. - to shock; shכt a., wam a. - angry, short-tempered; pwεl a. - to discourage; gεt na a. - to have a grudge against (a.p.); sכri a. - sympathy, pity, compassion; na dis mi a. de rכn pan - this is what's on my mind; a. nכ fil gud - perplexed, rormented (tכmεnt); du am biεn in a. - to do a thing against one's will, reluctantly; big a. - pround, stuck-up (prawd); mi a. tek am - to like, fall for, a.p. or a thing

at - (2) hearts, in a deck of cards (Eng. hearts)

at - (3) hard, difficult (trangga). (Eng. hard)

at - (4) to hurt one's feelings. (Eng. hurt)

atak - to attack

atεn - to attend

atεnshכn - attention; pe a. - to pay attention; put a. pan - to pay attention to (a thing)

avoid - to avoid someone (balans)

aw - how; why, how come.

awangכt - (old slang) gluttenous

awafu - a variety of small flat fish with a lot of bones

awtsai - outside, the outside of

awujכ - feast