Sexual taboo in Arabic world

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Sexual taboo in Arabic world

Sexual taboo in Arabic world is a very common thing. The men and women of the region have a big difference on how they deal with sexual life. The women folk keep themselves hidden and shy from the people for fear of getting outed. This act of keeping oneself under the blanket makes the women very conservative and she does not dare to show her affection openly. Visit and find out more about sex and taboo in Arabic world

Sexual taboo in Arabic world

The Arab men are also very conservative and they consider it shameful to get near the women or to touch them in any way. This act shocks the whole country and the whole world about their social lives. It is observed that while in the west world, people are free to express their sexual fantasies and act accordingly, the Arabs are very sensitive and they get offended easily. A man who has been performing this act for a long time would be outed and it would be an end to his sexual life.

The Arab women are shy and so are the men. But there are certain customs that are practiced by both the sexes in the Arab world and these customs are practiced more in the Arab region than anywhere else. For example, when a woman gets married and becomes a mother to a child, she is bound to maintain the secrecy even till death. She cannot reveal her pregnancy or her family details to anyone, even to her own daughter. That's why the Arab women are known to be more conservative in their sexual life than the men.

In general, in the Arab world, when the men marry a woman and start a new family, they feel they have to give up all their rights over her and she becomes his wife. So this makes them very conservative in their sexual life. The Arab men can satisfy themselves sexually with their new wife but they cannot show their new-found lust for a woman in public. The women are kept hidden and that is why it's a big blow for the women if they fall in love with a man and then realize later that the man can't satisfy her as much as he promised.

Not only the women but even the men are very secretive in their sexual relationship. They don't show any traces of sexual enjoyment in front of their new loved ones. This is because in the Arab world, a woman is considered to be possessed by the 'evil eye' if she is seen indulging in sexual pleasures. In fact, in many Arab countries, it is illegal for a man to show any traces of pleasure during sex.

However, the Arab men are no different in their sexual life. They are as liberal in their ways as women. They like having their own space and they enjoy having sex with as many partners as they wish. It's just that the Arab women have been conditioned by their men be more conservative in their sexual life.

The taboo against women who show their pleasure in sex has been very carefully inculcated in the mind of the Arabs. The younger generation of Arab men are not even aware of the existence of such a practice. Most of the women are therefore shocked when they find that their new husbands or boyfriends are not able to satisfy them sexually. They feel that they have been treated as sexual objects. Even the wives of the recently-retained husbands can't understand the kind of things that their husbands want to do to them. Many of them find it difficult to accept this kind of situation in their new life, especially when these women have come to earn a decent living and to support their families.

The women living in the Arab world are not only facing difficulties in their marital relationships, but they are also struggling to survive in a new society where men take advantage of women and exploit them for their selfish needs. The Arab men use their sexual skills to dominate the women of the surrounding areas. If the women are not careful, they might end up being degraded, demeaned and humiliated. The women are therefore forced to suppress their true feelings and to live a life filled with lies and deceit.

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