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Caption: Maroon town in Freetown. Caption: Sierra Leone Police Force (Natives only.) Freetown.
Caption: Several schools marching through Kissy Road, Sierra Leone. Caption: Congo Town Bay - Sierra Leone.
Caption: A Stick Bridge in the Sierra Leone Protectorate. Publisher: A. Lisk-Carew. Caption: Vegetable Market, Water Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Caption: Freetown Waterloo Excursion. Publisher: A. Lisk-Carew. Caption: Princess Christian Mission Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Description: 1920 postcard depicting a British army officer in Sierra Leone being carried in a hammock. Caption: Sierra-Leone. Freetown, Kissy Road.
Caption: Sierra-Leone. Freetown, Kroo Town. Caption: Mohammedan Pupils, Sierra Leone.
Caption: Sierra Leone, A Strolling Snake-Charmer. Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Caption: Government House, Freetown.
Caption: Sierra Leone - Royal Engineers working at the Government Pier. Publisher: A. Lisk-Carew, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Caption: Native Sellers, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Description: Taken in 1913.  
Caption: General View, Susan's Bay, Freetown. Publisher: A. Lisk-Carew. Caption: Kroo Girls, Sierra Leone.
Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers. Caption: Berwick Street, Freetown. Publisher: Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. Caption: Our Mission School at Bandajuma, in the Mendi Country, Sierra Leone.
Caption: Freetown. - Caravan at rest. Caption: Freetown - A Street in the City.
Caption: Gbainey Devil, Sierra Leone. Caption: Goboy, the witch doctor, dancing to melodious music, Sierra Leone. (Note: The masked devil shown is Jobai. It is not a witch doctor.)
Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers. Caption: Kissy Street East, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Publisher: W.S. Johnston. Caption: The visit of Prince Albert of Belgium to Freetown, Sierra Leone. H.R. Highness saluting the Colours of the 2nd Battalion, West India Regiment, 3rd August 1909.