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Caption: P.C. Ali - A Mendi. Caption: Forest Ranger Fogbawa. A Konnoh.
Caption: Momo Yatara. A Susu. Caption: Court Messenger Amadu Quiateh. A Mandingo.
Caption: Corporal Mahdi Kabba, a Mandingo. Caption: Sierra Leone Protectorate. The late Madam Yoko, Chief of Moyamba, wearing the Medal given to her by Her late Majesty Queen Victoria.
Caption: We two - many a glad day together, Sierra Leone. Caption: A Mandingo Family, Sierra Leone.
Caption: Carry on dad' we love liberty and hate oppression. Caption: Daddy is away fighting a great battle against a ruthless enemy.
Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Caption: Dwarf, Sierra Leone. Caption: The body is the temple of the soul - soap and water keeps both body and soul healthy and clean. Sierra Leone.
Caption: A woman carrying her baby, Sierra Leone. Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Caption: Nondi Chief, Sierra Leone.
Caption: Susu Bondo Girls, Sierra Leone.
Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers. Caption: Hair Plating, Sierra Leone. Caption: A chief's daughter.
Caption: Kru Woman & Child, Freetown. Caption: Sierra Leone - A fine sample of weaving.
Caption: Sierra Leone - Cotton Spinning.
Caption: View near Freetown. Caption: Charlotte Falls - Sierra Leone.