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Caption: Sierra Leone - The Lumley Beach Clubhouse. Caption: Kissi Road, with Market Women, Freetown.
Caption: State House, Freetown, 1960s. Caption: Kissy Road.
Publisher: Paris & Co., corner of George Street and Oxford Street, Sierra Leone. Caption: View of Rokele, Sierra Leone. Caption: King Tom Point.
Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers. Caption: View from Tower Hill, Freetown. Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers. Caption: Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Caption: A View from the Barracks, Sierra Leone. Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Caption: Susan's Bay, Freetown
Caption: Freetown Railway Station, Sierra Leone. Caption: Pupils of the Wesleyan High School, Sierra Leone.
Caption: A 1960s view of downtown Freetown with the old City Hotel in the background. Caption: A typical upcountry village.
Caption: Dancing Girls, Sierra Leone. Caption: Piassava Trees, Sierra Leone.
Publisher: H. Thies, Hamburg. Caption: Sierra Leone, Freetown. Caption: Sierra-Leone-Freetown Foulah Girl.
Caption: A Fascinating Game of "Warri", Sierra Leone. Caption: Mandingo Girls Hair Dressing Styles, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Caption: Sierra Leone - Native hair dresser. Publisher: Lisk-Carew Brothers. Caption: Fetish Fish Pond, Kennema, Sierra Leone.
Caption: Kru Girls - Freetown. Caption: Freetown - Chimpanzees at lunch.
Caption: View of Freetown, Sierra Leone.